Village-Scale Water Desalination

Due to the scarcity of fresh, potable groundwater and the unreliability of the electric grid in many parts of rural India, there is a great need for off-grid desalination systems. Current research in the GEAR Lab has been focusing on off-grid, photovoltaic-powered electrodialysis reversal (PV-EDR) desalination. Capital cost is a major barrier to the adoption of desalination technologies in India, and the power system of off-grid PV-EDR systems is the major contributor to the high capital cost of current systems. For this reason, this project is focused on designing the minimum-cost power system for EDR that can meet local water demand. Photovoltaic power is a desirable and logical choice because high solar irradiance is abundant in the regions of India with the greatest desalination needs. At the groundwater salinity levels of India, EDR requires approximately 50% less energy and wastes less water than reverse osmosis (RO), the most prevalent desalination technology available. Given the complexity of the relationships within the PV-EDR system, system optimization is required to design the lowest-cost system for a given location. The goal of this research is, firstly, to develop a method for cost-optimizing an off-grid PV-EDR desalination system that meets location-specific water requirements. The next stage of the research is building and testing a PV-EDR prototype in a village in India.


MIT Photovoltaics Research Laboratory
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Tata Center for Technology and Design
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