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GEAR Lab is working with Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) to design an updated version of their Jaipur Foot, which is the most widely distributed prosthetic foot in the world. The original Jaipur Foot’s success was due to its lifelike look, flexibility, and extreme durability. We aim to create a new version of the foot that is much lighter, can be mass-manufactured, meets international testing standards, is compatible with other prosthetic equipment, and matches the durability of the current foot. We developed a novel prosthetic foot design objective called the Lower Leg Trajectory Error (LLTE) based on the biomechanical performance of healthy feet and on the insight we gained interacting with BMVSS. Using this objective, we are optimizing the compliance and geometry of our prosthetic foot to deliver lifelike gait mechanics using low-cost materials.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Correlating Mechanical Design of Passive Prosthetic Feet to Gait Kinematics Using a Novel Optimization Parameter: Lower Leg Trajectory Error
Olesnavage, K., & Winter, A., In Review (2016)

Peer Reviewed Conference Articles

Design and Preliminary Testing of a Prototype for Evaluating Lower Leg Trajectory Error as an Optimization Metric for Prosthetic Feet
[🔗 ]
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Design and Qualitative Testing of a Prosthetic Foot with Rotational Ankle and Metatarsal Joints to Mimic Physiological Roll-Over Shape [⇩]
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Analysis of Rollover Shape and Energy Storage and Return in Cantilever Beam-Type Prosthetic Feet [⇩]
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Conference Posters

Mimicking Physiological Rollover Shape in a Prosthetic Foot with a Single Degree-of-Freedom Ankle Joint
Olesnavage, K., & Winter, A., 7th World Congress of Biomechanics (2014)


Design and Evaluation of a Cantilever Beam – Type Prosthetic Foot for Indian Persons with Amputations [🔗 ]
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Press Articles

MIT Meche News (2015) [🔗 ]