Press & Awards


2.007 Student Robot Competition on a 1959 Moonlanding themed playing field, on MIT News[πŸ”— ]


PhD candidate Julia Sokol featured in MIT News for her work on drip irrigation, [πŸ”— ]

Prof. Amos Winter part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine pilot initiative, β€œNew Voices in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine” (SEM), [πŸ”— ]

Prosthetic foot project on Inside Science, "A Better Prosthetic Foot for the Developing World" [πŸ”— ]

Prosthetic foot project featured in MIT News, "Low-cost prosthetic foot mimics natural walking" [πŸ”— ]

Drip irrigation work featured on local web TV specialized in agriculture (Al Filahia-TV)[πŸ”— ]

2.007 Student Robot Competition on a Willy-Wonka themed playing field, on the Boston Globe [πŸ”— ]

2.007 Student Robot Competition called β€œCalculated Imagination” on a Willy-Wonka themed playing field, on Boston News TV [πŸ”— ] and CBS Boston [πŸ”— ]


Prof. Amos Winter interviewed on TED Radio Hour (Simple Solutions), NPR [πŸ”— ]

Desalination work featured in "3Q: Robert Armstrong on 10 years of energy research at MIT", on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Desalination work featured in "Celebrating Energy at MIT", on MIT Energy Initiative [πŸ”— ]

Best Paper Award IDA 2017 World Congress (SΓ£o Paulo) in the Category of State-of-the-Art: β€œOptimal Design of a Batch Electrodialysis System for Domestic Desalination.” [πŸ”— ]

Our new lab space in building 31 under the Spotlight - Building the future, on MIT News. [πŸ”— ]

"Engineering Reverse Innovation" is rank one of Havard Business Review's 10 must reads in 2017. [πŸ”— ]

Prof. Amos Winter and Jaya Narain Digital Magnifying Glasses for Low-Vision Learners featured in IEE Pulse Magazine, [πŸ”— ]

Katherine Taylor, named as one of the 35 innovators under 35 by the MIT Technology Review. [πŸ”— ]

β€œWater is Life”, the video on our desalination work in India wins the New England Emmy Awards[πŸ”— ]

β€œWater is Life”, the video on our desalination work in India wins the 2017 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Video[πŸ”— ]

2.007 Student Design Robot Competition on a Star Wars themed playing field, on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

The science behind a clam digging through sand, on the Washington Post [πŸ”— ]

Drip irrigation Project under the Spotlight - Watering the world, on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Prof. Amos Winter awarded with Harold E. Edgerton Award, on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Prof. Amos Winter awarded with the MIT School of Engineering Junior Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching,[πŸ”— ]

Kathryn Olesnavage under the Spolight, on TataCenter News [πŸ”— ]

Kathryn Olesnavage Graduate Winner of the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize "Cure it!" [πŸ”— ]

Natasha Wright Graduate Winner of the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize "Eat it!" [πŸ”— ]

GEAR Lab under the spotlight for solar-powered desalination work, on Nature [πŸ”— ]

Prof. Amos Winter awarded with the NSF Faculty Career Award, on NSF and MIT News [πŸ”— ] [πŸ”— ]


Building the mountain bike of wheelchairs on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Novel irrigation technology for more sustainable and cost-effective on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Solar Powered Desalination for Clean Water on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Dan Dorsch Graduate Winner of the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize [πŸ”— ]

Game Changers: Out of Boston, Three Innovators on Quest to Provide Drinkable Water, The Boston Globe [πŸ”— ]

Reverse Innovation Gets Real:Announcing the McKinsey Award Winners, News at McKinsey Blog [πŸ”— ]

How Kids Envision Fuel-Efficient Cars of the Future, Consumer Report [πŸ”— ]

Cleaning Water without the Grid, MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Natasha Wright Named to Forbes's '30 Under 30 - Energy' [πŸ”— ]


A Mechanical Engineering Rite of Passage at MIT, MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Natasha Wright's student profile on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

MERE winners on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

USAID Desalination Prize, First Place, Boston Globe [πŸ”— ]

Cheaper, Higher performance Prosthetic Knee on MIT News [πŸ”— ]

Katy Olesnavage Featured Student of MIT MechE [πŸ”— ]

GEAR Lab Students win awards: Tata Center News [πŸ”— ]


USAID Desal Prize, Semi-Finalist. MIT & Jain Irrigation Systems. [πŸ”— ]

Alexander Wiens, and Amos G. Winter, V , β€œA Novel Pressure Compensating Valve for Low-Cost Drip Irrigation Systems” - Freudenstein/General Motors Young Investigator Award, ASME IDETC Mechanisms and Robotics Conference [πŸ”— ]

GRIT Freedom Chair Launches on Kickstarter [πŸ”— ]

Engineering Reverse Innovation, Amos Winter TedX Boston [πŸ”— ]

Solar Electrodialysis Brings Water to Off-Grid Villages, International Desalination & Water Reuse Quarterly [πŸ”— ]

'RoboClam' Engineered to Burrow Like a Mollusc, Wired UK [πŸ”— ]

'RoboClam' Could Anchor Submarines, BBC News, Science & Environment [πŸ”— ]

'RoboClam' Digging Machine as Fast as Natural Burrowers, Live Science [πŸ”— ]

'RoboClam' Mimics Razor Clam's Smooth Digs, Scientific American [πŸ”— ]

Born to Design: The Leveraged Freedom Chair, SolidWorks [πŸ”— ]

Amos G. Winter, V. "Meet the Engineers", Be An Engineer Website [πŸ”— ]

Natasha C. Wright wins the Charles Hansen Fellowship for the Fall 2014 term

Dan Dorsch, outright gift, The James Dyson Foundation Fellowship Fund


Amos Winter named as one of the 35 innovators under 35 by the MIT Technology Review [πŸ”— ]

The Accidental Humanitarian, MIT Technology Review [πŸ”— ]

Off-road wheelchair offers freedom for disabled poor, CNN [πŸ”— ]

Yashraj Narang wins Thomas Sheridan Prize (Creativity in Man-Machine Integration)

Daniel Dorsch and Natasha Wright win NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Q&A: Amos Winter, inventor, on using constraints to innovate, Smart Planet [πŸ”— ]


Amos Winter's TedX talk posted on TED [πŸ”— ]

Amos Winter wins ASME/Pi Tau Sigma Gold Medal, awarded to an engineering graduate who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in mechanical engineering within ten years following receipt of the baccalaureate degree [πŸ”— ]

Global Research Innovation and Technology (GRIT) wins $100k Diamond Prize Winner at Mass Challenge startup competition [πŸ”— ]

Fast Company Magazine Innovation by Design Award, Concept Category, for Leveraged Freedom Chair [πŸ”— ]

GEAR Lab's low-pressure drip irrigation project is a Rockefeller Foundation $100k Innovation Challenge Winner [πŸ”— ]

Amos Winter awarded the Robert N. Noyce Early Career Development Chair by the MIT School of Engineering [πŸ”— ]

Yashraj Narang wins an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship


Leveraged Freedom Chair named one of the Wall Street Journal's Big Innovations of 2011 [πŸ”— ]

Amos Winter wins the 2010 Tufts University Young Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award, [πŸ”— ]

Leveraged Freedom Chair wins a Red Dot Design Award [πŸ”— ]


Leveraged Freedom Chair wins an R&D 100 Award, given by R&D Magazine for the 100 most technologically significant products of the year [πŸ”— ]

Leveraged Freedom Chair wins an R&D 100 Editors’ Choice Award, given to the three favorite R&D 100 award winners by the magazine’s editors [πŸ”— ]

Amos Winter wins the MIT School of Engineering Graduate Student Extraordinary Teaching and Mentoring Award, the highest honor given to a graduate student for teaching and mentoring at MIT

Drip Irrigation - Al Filahia-TV May. 2018

Prof. Amos Winter - NPR, TED Radio Show (min 41) Nov. 2017

Prof. Amos Winter - MIT News, Sep. 2017

Natasha Wright - MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Oct. 2016

Prof. Amos Winter - Emtech, Oct. 2013

Katy Olesnavage - MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Oct. 2013

Leveraged Freedom Chair - CNN Video, June 2013

Prof. Amos Winter - TEDx, June 2012