The Global Engineering and Research (GEAR) Lab focuses on the marriage of mechanical design theory and user-centered product design to create simple, elegant technological solutions for use in highly constrained environments. Our technologies are aimed at making a positive impact on the world and elucidating novel scientific and engineering knowledge.



Principal Investigator
Prof. Amos Winter
77 Massachusetts Ave., Room 3-449C
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
email: awinter (at) mit (dot) edu
phone: (617) 253-6761
fax: (617) 324-3050

Administrative Assistant
Catherine (Cakky) Hogan
77 Massachusetts Ave., Room 3-252
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
email: chogan (at) mit (dot) edu
phone: (617) 253-0580

GEAR Lab Address
MIT Room 35-329
77 Massachusetts Ave.,
Cambridge MA, 02139 USA